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Meet the face behind the plants

Rancho Cacto Nursery + Design, LLC is owned and operated by Molly Malecki, a certified professional horticulturalist with 15 years of experience in the nursery industry. Molly's curiosity about plants began at a young age and her awe continues to grow. Her particular fixation on plants with arid adaptations has now come to life in evolving collections of plants in her Aurora, Oregon greenhouses.

Molly is developing Rancho Cacto to be a special place where plant enthusiasts can grow with her in their knowledge and love of plants. Her vision is for the nursery to propagate a spirit of wonder. Every plant in Rancho Cacto's collection is grown with head, hands and heart, cultivated for its distinctive character. Molly is not shy of growing some of the strangest, prickliest, most challenging plant material on the planet!

Molly also holds an M.A. in Art History from the University of Washington. When not in the greenhouse, she travels extensively through botanical gardens and baseball stadiums or walks beaches with her dog.

MM with Opuntia 2022_edited.jpg
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